Day 20 – Fundy National Park to Sackville

The last big push

Having set up camp before sundown yesterday, I was able to get a good night sleep and still get up nice and early. So for the first time on the trip, I was out on the road prior to 8AM (and that’s pre 7AM Eastern Time).

I made my way out of Alma on the 915, which was suggested to me as the scenic route by one of the park rangers. Now, what kind of scenic route would it be if it didn’t start things out with a monster hill? Yep, after the first half hour I was averaging around 9 km/h and I wasn’t sure what the rest of the day would entail. It turned out to be worth it though, as the scenic route was … well … scenic. I must have snapped around 30 photos of the dewy countryside.

As I made my way around Shepody Bay, I stopped to take in Hopewell Rocks, and a cool railway museum in Hillsboro. Having taken a couple of breaks, it was now time to make a B-line past Moncton and down to Sackville (actually, since I was going around the bay it was more like a U-line I suppose). Speaking of which, how frustratung it was to go around a bay and see where you are supposed to be on the other side the whole time. The bay isn’t very wide and at low tide, it really looked like a feasible shortcut! Hmmm, just saying that reminds me of those trucks that get stuck in the middle of those “not quite frozen enough” lakes in Ontario every year.

By the end of the day, I had successfully made it to Sackville, the home of Mount Allison University. During the school year, students make up about half of the population. I had dinner at the Bridge Street Cafe where the the small crowd definitely had an air of Philosophy major with a minor in English Lit. To add to the ambiance the singer/guitarist played the unoften heard Scared by the Tragically Hip and a great rendition of Cyndi Lauper’s Time After Time. A favourite of mine, this one won’t be making Tune of the Day status, but I’m glad to include it here.

Travel stats

Distance: 143.8 km
Average speed: 19.0 km/h
Time on the road: 11.5 hrs. (7:50AM to 7:20PM)

Interesting daily tidbit

There are numerous New Brunswick flags on display in front of people’s houses and I can definitely see why. Obviously there’s a significant amount of provincial pride, but also … the flag just kicks ass. With the great English lion at the top and the fantastic Spanish galley representing New Brunswick’s shipbuilding past at the bottom, it’s probably the best of all the provinces.

Tune of the day

The Final Game – Rudy Soundtrack – Jerry Goldsmith
I just love this movie and this is one of my favourite soundtracks. The music conjures up Rudy’s triumphant appearance in his final game and in doing so, it gave me an extra push as I made my final end run around New Brunswick.

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