Day 13 – Cabano to Edmundston (NB)

[Editor's note: Apparently, not only have I been losing track of the days of the week, I have also lost track of my day log #s ... Day 10 was used twice, so we are in fact at Day 13]

New province … new time zone!

Yep … onwards to the next province. With the days having been long and tough the last couple of days, my aim for today was simple: cross the border and make it to the first big town, Edmundston, New Brunswick. With my last patched tube still giving me trouble, Marcel from the motel was happy to drive me to the hardware store, where I bought the store out of their 28C tires (four of them – just in case!). Being in town already, Marcel wanted to stop by the grocery store, so I was happy to come along and pick up some snacks for the day.

A little while later, with the bike fixed and ready to go, I said my thanks and goodbyes and was off to the border. On the way down, I followed a nice trail along Lake Temiscouata and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. Another hiccup though – there were still bumps and rocks along the trail, and though I was being very careful to avoid them, with the new inner tube only 15km old, it went flat. Now, I do have a good load on the back rack from my saddle bags so I knew this might be an issue, but this was getting ridiculous. I did yet another change, and thankfully, this tube has been fine to the end of the day. Most of my remaining rides will be on scenic secondary highways (ie. nice paved shoulders), so I don’t expect much more trouble.

At the 50km mark, I neared the border, my iPod randomly selected Oh What a Feeling as my next tune (perhaps Apple has been integrating some AI into their devices). At the border, I took the obligatory photos (with me and Mickey) and I proudly added the New Brunswick flag to the collection attached to my backpack.

I made my way through Edmundston, following the ? signs through town to the tourist information office. The girl there was happy to help me as she likely hadn’t seem someone with so many questions all day. I left with pamphlets and a great magazine that has all the attractions, hotels, and campgrounds throughout NB. Tonight, I opted for the motel right around the corner from the tourist office. It’s great! It’s inexpensive and its design has such character. It looks like it is 2 or 3 houses that have been cobbled together into a hotel. Also, it has a great chinese buffet, which I had to make use of for dinner. I polished off a plate and a half of MSG-dripping goodness. Despite all the exercise, I couldn’t eat more. I can’t eat as much as I used to – like the lunches at DuBarry’s when I had summer work terms in Ottawa.

Tomorrow … Woodstock (I hope). :)

Travel stats

Distance: 67 km
Average speed: 18.9 km/h
Time on the road: 5.5 hrs. (10:30AM ET to 5:00PM AT)

Interesting daily tidbit

So I lost an hour today at the border. No, there wasn’t customs to get through – I crossed the time zone line. Beyond this unfortunate loss, I am realizing that I’m losing daylight every day. It’s bad enough that as we move towards autumn equinox, the days are getting shorter, but I’ve also recognized another problem. Heading from West to East, I wake up in a spot that has a later sunrise than where I end up at the end of the day. Also of course, the sunset occurs earlier at the spot where I end my day. I must be losing like a minute or two a day! Oh woe is me. I guess that’s just the way it’s going to be. I imagine this has something to do with geography and the earth’s rotation, but … I blame the wind! (see previous run-ins with the wind, who by the way was in my face again today)

Tune of the day

Not a lot going on – Northey Valenzuela
Having past Riviere-du-Loup yesterday (translation, Wolf River), I was reminded of our friends down in Dog River, the fictional Saskatchewan town of TV’s Corner Gas. As such, I was pleasantly cued to play their theme song as the tune of the day. Craig Northey, formerly of the Odds comprises half of Northey Valenzuela, and their self-titled album which contains this song is actually quite good.

… long blog – way too much time on my hands today. :)

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