“So where are you going on this bike trip of yours?”

My usual answer:

“That way” [insert visual finger point cue here]

Yep, I’ll be hopping on my bike and heading east. Starting from Toronto, I hope to hit Montreal, Qu├ębec City and perhaps further on into the Maritimes. We shall see how far my legs, and my patience with Mother Nature takes me.

With trusty new cell phone in tow, I’ll be able to update the blog from the road. Hopefully, it will be on a daily basis, but don’t worry if I miss one (I imagine cell phone reception won’t be perfect everywhere). As I’m sure I’ll be tired on most days, the blogs may be simple updates of how far I got and where I am, but hopefully, I’ll be able to amuse and delight with my stories from the road. Sorry, no pictures though, they’ll have to come later (no feasible means of posting those from the phone).

So happy cycling to all of you … and here’s hoping to me as well!!!

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