Here’s the big list … the Great Canadian Ride’s Tunes of the Day! 

Day  1: Queen – Bicycle Race
Day  2: Takin’ care of business – Bachman-Turner Overdrive
Day  3: In a Big Country – Big Country
Day  4: Life is a Highway – Tom Cochrane
Day  5: Plastic Leopard – John Dorsey
Day  6: Make you a believer – Sass Jordan
Day  7: Tears are not enough – Northern Lights
Day  8: Morphée – Moxy Früvous
Day  9: Everyday is a winding road – Sheryl Crow
Day 10: Banana Pancakes – Jack Johnson
Day 11: The Distance – Cake
Day 12: Wheat Kings – The Tragically Hip
Day 13: Not a lot going on – Northey Valenzuela
Day 14: Time to move on – Tom Petty
Day 15: My friend Buddy – Natalie MacMaster
Day 16: Back in time – Huey Lewis and the News
Day 17: Take off – Bob and Doug Mackenzie featuring Geddy Lee
Day 18: Ordinary day – Great Big Sea
Day 19: I believe in a thing called love – The Darkness
Day 20: The Final Game – Rudy Soundtrack – Jerry Goldsmith
Day 21: Believe it or not – Joey Scarbury
Day 21: We are the Champions – Queen

Do note that the selected playlist came well within CRTC regulations as it represents 50% Canadian content! Also, this compilation of tracks is copyrighted so should anyone be thinking of putting together The Great Canadian Ride CD, I’m expecting big royalties.

Honourable Mentions

The preceding tunes were only my daily starters so I obviously listened to many more tracks along the way. Some special honourable mentions:

Second Son – Jim Cuddy
… and a plethora of other Jim Cuddy/Blue Rodeo tunes

Lost Soundtrack - Michael Giacchino
A hauntingly beautiful cut from this sountrack started up just as I made a stop at a very peaceful lookout along the Saint John River. It was perfectly fitting.

Crazy in love – Beyoncé and Jay-Z
OK a little odd, but this tune popped up during the shuffle on my last ride towards Charlottetown and it really got me going.

Definitely Not the Opera with Sook-Yin Li and The Vinyl Cafe with Stuart McLean
These podcasts brought many smiles to my face during my travels; it was great to have these wonderful CBC radio programs along for the ride.

Thanks for listening!

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